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glass shower doors for saleYour bathroom is an essential component of your home. For your visitors, your bathroom constitutes an important part of their first impression of the house. The shower enclosure of your bathroom takes up a lot of room in your bathroom, and is part of that first impression. This is why it’s so important to have the right type of shower doors and enclosures for your bathroom that will last a long time and suit your specific situation. The glass shower doors and enclosures you choose for your home should fit your personal style and blend into the aesthetics of your bathroom, as well as serve a functional purpose. South East Florida Glass and Hardware offers premium quality shower enclosures and glass shower doors for sale both online and in store. Click through our large selection of glass shower doors and shower enclosures for sale and call us today to order!

Shower Doors and Other Products

There are many different shower enclosures and doors on the market, and South East Florida Glass and Hardware offers a variety of shower enclosures for sale in an array of styles and products that are both versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Our shower enclosures boast six different styles: The Virginia series, the Carolina Series, the standard Euro, the Florida Series, and the Monaco series. Our popular Carolina series of shower enclosures boast Anodysed aluminum and stainless steel towel bars, while our minimalist Euro series offers stainless steel enclosure hardware. When  you install a shower, of course, there isn’t just the shower enclosure and and doors. There are many parts to a shower, and along with the major installations of the shower enclosures and doors, we also offer 32 different products of shower hardware, 11 product lines of barn door enclosures, 20 product lines of balustrades and railings, 5 product lines of spigots and standoffs, 19 types of bathroom products, and a variety of other types of products for all of your bathroom and kitchen needs.

Enclosures and Glass Shower Doors for Sale

South East Florida Glass and Hardware offers a variety of glass shower doors for sale. Glass shower doors are easier to clean, look much more modern, and are currently a top trend. We at South East Florida Glass and Hardware offer three main types of glass shower doors. The first type that we offer are the swing series, which can be installed to swing outwards in your shower and are great for larger bathroom spaces. Our standard shower door in the pivot series has a six inch handle, and can, like all of our shower door options, be customized to the height of your shower enclosure. This is one of the biggest benefits of glass shower doors- they are easy to adjust and relatively easy to customize to the specifications of your bathroom. Our California series boasts two types of products- standard shower panels with two side cut-outs and standard shower panels with three side cut-outs.

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South East Florida Glass and Hardware offers premium quality glass shower doors for sale as well as a range of products for your bathroom, kitchen, and shower needs. If you’re looking for shower enclosures for sale, visit our site or call us today to order!