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How Do You Choose Luxury Kitchen Faucets? Use These Tips!

How Do You Choose Luxury Kitchen Faucets? Use These Tips!

Did you recently renovate your kitchen? Take a look at your kitchen sink? Does it seem like it may be missing something? Maybe it needs the assistance of luxury kitchen faucets? Here at SOUFLO, we have exactly what you need to make sure your kitchen is the best in the neighborhood. We specialize in high-end kitchen faucets. We are available to everyone in the United States.


It Can Get Challenging

Choosing a faucet is tricky. The variety of styles, materials, finishes, and prices can be overwhelming. You’ll probably live with your new faucet for a long time, so you might as well love it. Here are seven things to consider before getting in the checkout line.


Our Tips To Luxury Kitchen Faucets

  • Looks aren’t everything
    • Most people choose a faucet based on looks alone. And that’s a mistake. Looks are important, but you can usually get the look you want without compromising on convenience and long-term dependability. For advice on those practical considerations, we talked with faucet designers, manufacturers, retailers, and plumbers. 
  • Spend enough but not too much
    • Plan to spend at least $65 for a bath faucet and at least $100 for a kitchen faucet. You might get an excellent faucet for less, but it’s more likely that you’d get a low-quality faucet. If you spend much more, you’re paying for extra features or style rather than basic reliability or durability.
  • Watch the spout height and reach
    • Faucet spouts vary a lot in height and reach, and most of the time you can choose the look you like best. But if you have a shelf above the sink, a tall spout may not fit. With a three-bowl kitchen sink, a spout with a short reach may not extend to all the bowls. A bath faucet with a short reach might cause you to slop water behind the spout when you wash your hands.
  • Some finishes are tougher than others
    • Choose a finish that matches nearby cabinet hardware, towel bars, etc. Mismatches look bad. If you plan to replace existing hardware, your choice of faucet finishes is wide open. The vast majority of faucets have polished chrome or satin nickel finishes . All of these finishes are durable and keep their good looks for years. But some are more durable than others.
      • Chrome is the most durable finish and the easiest to keep clean that’s why it’s always been a favorite for commercial kitchens and public bathrooms. If your faucet gets heavy use, it’s your best bet for long-term toughness.
      • Nickel finishes are usually labeled “brushed,” “satin,” or “stainless steel” and have a dull shine. They’re durable but prone to fingerprints and water spots, so they’re harder to keep clean. Some have a coating that reduces stains and smudges, but that coating isn’t as durable as metal and may chip or wear.
  • Count the holes in your sink
    • If you want to switch from two handles to one, you have to think about the number of holes in the sink. Most sinks have three holes: one for the hot handle, one for the cold and one under the spout. Some single-handle faucets include a cover plate to hide the extra holes. But some don’t, so check the label. If you currently have a “widespread” bathroom faucet with two handles far from the spout, you can’t switch to a single-handle model.
  • A single handle is more convenient
    • Two-handle faucets have a stylish symmetry that suits many bathrooms, especially traditional ones. But in practical terms, single-handle faucets have all the advantages. They’re just plain more convenient; water temperature adjustment is easier, and there’s one less handle to clean.
  • Pull-down sprayers are better
    • If you’ve ever had a “side” sprayer, you’ve probably had dribbles or leaks. And you might assume you’d have similar trouble with a faucet-mounted sprayer like the one shown here. Probably not. All of our experts told us that “pull-down” sprayers have proven much more reliable than the old side sprayers.


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